Biofeedbac All in 1 TENS Support

Helps to relieve• Aches• Pains• Swelling• Inflammation• Muscle WeaknessFeel better today by using the latest Biofeedbac all in 1 TENS Support. You don't need 5 different pain devices as Biofeedbac All in 1 will do the job for you by targeting.• Painful elbows and arms• Shoulder Pain• Knee Pain• Thigh Pain• Back Pain• Stomach Pain• Ankle PainStop aches and pains anywhere on the body with this all in 1 TENS device. This unique device utilises the latest scientific developments in TENS/EMS pain relief technology. A TENS pain relief garment ideal for Men & Women. Super lightweight and comfortable to wear.• One size fits all• Single device for multiple uses• Takes seconds to put on• Easy one touch control• Long lasting pain relief from sore muscles, tendons and joints• USB Rechargeable• Multi function programme and settings • Wear it sitting, driving or on the move• Pain relief anywhere and anytime• Designed and developed in the UK by healthcare professionals.

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Studio Biofeedbac All in 1 TENS Support £34.99

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