Emla Cream for PE

EMLA cream is a commonly used local anaesthetic cream. It has a variety of uses but when it's applied to the tip of the penis, it helps to numb the nerve endings which are part of the process of ejaculation. EMLA cream is not licensed as a treatment for PE, but has been prescribed for and used by many men over 18 with great success. It has been effectively shown in many studies that the cream can increase the time between gaining an erection and actually ejaculating. It contains lidocaine and prilocaine both of which are safe to use topically. It gets to work in  around 15-30 minutes and may be of preference for those patients where the tablets are not convenient and in those patients that cannot plan their sexual activity beforehand.   Caution:  The cream is oil based and can weaken LATEX condoms. Non-latex condoms are not affected and therefore should be used instead whilst using Emla.

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