GLOV® Starter Reusable Cosmetic Pads Set with 4 Iconic GLOV® Fibers – Multi (Pack of 12)

Crafted from different fibres designed to care for various skin types, the Starter Set features four types of reusable cleansing pads from GLOV. Moistened with just water or used with your favourite makeup remover, these pads offer an eco-friendly solution to your daily cleansing ritual, minimising wastage of disposable cotton pads. Tailor your care regime to your skin’s unique needs with this selection of non-irritating cleansing pads.Dermatologically tested. Hypoallergenic. Suitable for contact lens wearers.Cruelty-free and vegan-certified.Set Contents: Oily Skin PadsMicrofibre cosmetic pads that gently exfoliate combination and oily skin types. It performs a thorough cleanse, collecting excess sebum to mattify and minimise the formation of blemishes and blackheads for a clear complexion.All Skin Types PadsA versatile cleansing pad designed to care for of all skin types. Fashioned from a soft microfibre material that’s gentle on the eyes, the pads attract dirt like a magnet, leaving the skin on your face perfectly clean, smooth and fresh. With regular use, it reduces the number of visible pores.Dry Skin PadsMade of ultra-thin microfiber, these pads delicately cleanses dry and sensitive skin without causing redness and irritation. It strengthens the natural hydro-lipid barrier of the skin and provides a pleasant feeling of freshness and hydration.Moon PadsMade from GLOV’s latest new-generation that’s as thin as a blade of grass, the Moon Pads focus on cleansing the skin of all kinds of impurities and enhances the efficacy of subsequent skincare treatments.

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