GW Instek PSW160-14.4 Single Output Variable Bench DC Power Supply

GW Instek PSW160 Single Output Variable Bench DC Power Supplies 360W/720W/1080W - GW Instek PSW160-14.4, This PSW160-14.4 single output variable bench DC power supply from GW Instek is a single output multi-range programmable switching power supply with 720W. Designed with a host excellent features, including the multi-range feature, allowing the flexible and efficient configuration of voltage and current within the rated power range. The PSW160-21.6 can also be connected to other units in the PSW-Series to a maximum 2 units or in parallel to a maximum 3 units, allowing a higher voltage or higher current output, providing a broad coverage of applications. There are numerous advantages to using this specific power supply, including the CV/CC priority selection, which is a useful feature for DUT protection. A conventional power supply normally operates under CV mode when the power output is turned on, which could bring a high inrush current to the capacitive load or current-intensive load at the power output-on stage. Elsewhere, the PSW160-21.6 power supply provides USB host/device and LAN interfaces as standard and GPIB-USB optional. The LabVIEW driver and the data logging PC software are supported on the interfaces available. An analog control/monitoring connector is also available at the rear panel for external control of power on/off and external monitoring of power output voltage and current. The adjustable slew rate of the PSW160-21.6 allows it to be set for either output voltage or output current for a specific rise time at the low to high level transition, and a specific fall time at the high to low level transition. This facilitates the characteristic verification of a DUT during voltage or current level changes with controllable slew rates. The manufacturing tests of lighting device or large capacitance capacitor during power output-on are mostly associated with the occurrence of high surge current, which can reduce the life time of the DUT. To prevent inrush current from damaging current-intensive devices, a smooth and slow voltage transition during power on-off can significantly reduce the spike current and protect the device from high current damage. The output on/off delay feature enables the setting of a specific time delay for output on and off. This is useful when multiple PSW units are used to generate various outputs with specific on/off time relations. This multiple-output control can be done through the analog control terminal at the rear panel or through the PC programming with standard commands. GW Instek PSW160-14.4 Single Output Variable Bench DC Power Supply

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