KIKI Health Love Your Gut Bundle (Worth £42.40)

Ensure a healthy digestive system with the KIKI Health Love Your Gut Bundle, a trio of bestselling food supplements that are bursting with natural ingredients. Helping to break down food and encourage the formation of good bacteria, the set works alongside a healthy diet to support and improve the body’s natural processes. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Free from gluten, wheat, sweeteners, artificial colours and fillers. The Set Contains: Body Biotics Tablets (30 Capsules) Maintain a healthier gut with a food supplement that closely mimics nature to provide the full beneficial properties of actual bacteria cultures. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans, each capsule contains live and thriving soil-based organisms (SBO’s) that multiply when activated and work to rebalance levels of friendly bacteria within the intestine to support a healthy digestive system. Utilising an ancient combination of purified Humic and Fulvic Acids, the unique formulation harnesses a nutrient-rich, symbiotic blend of 8 super-strains of prebiotic friendly bacteria, which feed and grow probiotics to enhance the potency of bacterial cultures. Organic Aloe Ferox Juice (500ml) A pure and unfiltered, natural juice that provides calcium and colon-cleansing benefits. Aloe Ferox is native to Africa and is rich in calcium; it contributes to normal digestive function and assists in effectively breaking down food. Pure and unfiltered, the undiluted juice has a higher concentration because nothing is lost during the filtration process, and is unconcentrated to retain the plant's vital nutrients. Aloe Pure Tablets (20 Capsules) A vegan-friendly food supplement containing pure freeze-dried whole leaf Aloe that is grown hydroponically with water. Freeze-drying the Aloe ensures active enzymes remain intact; the enzymes assist the body in breaking down and dissolving foods for a healthy digestive system. The yellow gel found inside the only pure Aloe Vera Whole Leaf has been used for thousands of years, and is known to harness healing properties.

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