Paperself Regular Eyelashes Peacock 1 pair

Celebrate beauty with the eye-catching Paperself Eyelashes in 'Peacock', an origami-inspired set of false lashes cut from coated paper. The intricate lashes feature the silhouette of a peacock displaying its magnificent plumage. Each set of Paperself eyelashes has symbolic meaning rooted in Chinese culture, and these lashes represent good fortune and lucky days. Paperself full-strip lashes allow you to dress your eyes and make a unique statement. Each strip is a little lengthier than the average false lash to increase the opportunity for creativity and allow you to cut and arrange with ease. Create an artistic eye look by arranging your own lash collage, or create a subtly beautiful look by using selected elements of your lash strip. Eyelash glue not included.

Best Price: £6.00 from Escentual

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Escentual Paperself Regular Eyelashes Peacock 1 pair £6.00

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